Television Installation

We can mount any viewing device to any surface imaginable. Mounting a flat-screen television can require some special wiring and a new electrical outlet to help conceal the wiring. It is vitally important to use a UL listed bracket properly sized for the TV, the correct bolts, and spacing. We will properly center and level your TV, hide your video component cables, and install a new power outlet. TV over the fireplace? Done. Over the Jacuzzi? Done. In the kids playroom? Done. With over 15 years of construction experience in home theater installation, we can guarantee the job will be done right and the most important asset you own, your home, will be treated properly by trained professionals. From simple flat panel installation to custom home audio visual design, Sounds Advice California is your Orange County Home Theater Installation Specialist.

Audio & Video

We can fill any room in your house or office with the audio and video feed you desire. Want to watch the game while the while your guests enjoy music? Or need the conference room wired for on-line meetings? Would surround sound through-out your home make life better? We’re confident we can put together and install a quality system that’ll deliver rich audio and impeccable video to any location you choose. Not only that, you’ll only see and hear what you want, when you want. Our technicians are experts in hiding our work so typically the only way you’ll know we’ve been there is a when you go to relax and enjoy your system. Quality service and a satisfied customer is why we come highly recommended.

Universal Remote Programming

Instead of five remote controls to run your home theater installation, we can consolidate those into one universal remote. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn on your entire system with the push of one button? These units can perform basic functions like controlling television volume and device selection but also monitor and change the HVAC settings in your home or operate the Jacuzzi from the sanctity of your sofa. We don’t just install equipment and let you figure out how to operate it, we provide simple solutions to the complicated network that homes and small businesses have become. We want all the components in the household to work in conjunction with one another so that the end result is a simpler and more manageable.

Home Theater Installation

We offer complete design, installation and calibration of home theaters. We take the guess work out of what products best fit your home theater room. We specialize in retrofit installations for rooms that don't have the needed wiring. If your house has pre-wiring from your builder, we can work with that as well. Properly measuring your room for speaker, screen and your display distance is important to insure the best performance of your system. In our designs, we take into consideration everything from power requirements to dimensions of equipment, making sure that everything will work well together. Let the professionals build your entertainment experience, then sit back and reap the rewards for years to come.


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